Alycia R, May 2019

All the staff at MEI were super kind and helpful. Everyone had a smile on their face and I didn’t leave without feeling confident I picked the right place for my eye surgery. I just had a FREE consultation appointment, but they didn’t treat me any different than a paying customer! Great people!

Beth B., April 2019

From the moment I walked into the office I was treated very well and received professional service from friendly helpful staff. They answered all my questions and made me feel I was cared about. I’d tell anyone to go there. The whole experience was awesome and I couldn’t be more impressed!

Cynda P., March 2019

Excellent and personable medical team, very effective administrative staff. They’ve preserved my father’s vision and provided sensible treatments for other eye conditions. Just be prepared for the long waiting room times. Also, it takes a while to get an appointment with the doctors because everybody wants to go to them.

Alisha M, April 2019

They are very informative and the staff is top notch! I’ve had a great experience with them my vision is now 20/20 after having LASIK. The staff is very supportive through the entire process and the procedure was done wonderfully and professionally.

Frances B., April 2019

Missouri Eye Institute in Springfield does a thorough and efficient exam. Everyone is friendly and they take the time to ask and listen if you have any concerns. Dr. Francis Jansen is my doctor and I recommend him and the location in Springfield.

Jennifer C., April 2019

Such a great office and staff. Damen was hilarious to work with during my exam, and Marian in the scheduling office is just the sweetest woman ever. Went in for a LASIK consult and couldn’t be happier with the environment. Looking forward to having Dr. Osborn take care of this procedure for me.

Jeff Z., April 2019

I had been wearing contacts for over 10 years. The LASIK Surgery provided by Missouri Eye Institute brought me back to 20/20 vision! I believe the Lord Jesus Christ used this wonderful institute to bring about a miracle with my vision to which I am forever grateful. The whole process from the initial pre-opp to the 15 minute procedure to the post-opp appointments have all been conducted with great excellence and professionalism.

Update: Since I posted the above review, my eyes have healed even more bringing my vision from 20/20 to 20/15! This is incredible!

Mary C., February 2019

If you are having problems with glare, blurry vision, finding yourself turning up the lights, and spending money on new glasses that don’t correct your vision, make an appointment with Missouri Eye Institute. You do NOT need to be referred by an optometrist. I went for a cataract consultation and was treated with respect, given all material needed (including help with whether my Medicare would cover costs) to make an informed decision about how to treat my cataracts. No pressure. I chose surgery and the day after my surgery, the glare was gone, colors were brighter, and, most importantly, no more blurry vision! Still may need glasses–I don’t care. Missouri Eye Institute brightened my world!

Kenny F., October 2018

I suffered an eye injury leaving me blind in that eye nearly 40 years ago. After getting an object in my good eye and having a followup appt we discussed my eye injury and Dr. Jensen felt they might be able to do something for me. Dr. Carter completed my exam today and with all of the correction technology changes I did read the 20/20 vision line. Surgery it appears is an option as Dr. Jensen discussed. They are a God send to me and are amazing in their true care to their patients. Highly Highly recommend this office and their staff and doctors!

Susan R., November, 2018

Excellent Facility. Excellent results!! Praise God, I can see clearly and distinctly now, no cataracts, no glasses!!!! Terrific and kinda and professional staff, best I’ve encountered.

Chris T., June 2018

What great experience always Dr. Osborne has been my Dr. Now 22 years and he and all the staff treat me like gold. So professional kind and caring I have a severe astigmatism and they have always been the best clean facilities always a top notch facility, I highly recommend. The best in the business.

Kristi W., November 2018

I just loved Dr. Carter he was very caring and took a good amount of time talking with me about my eye problems, he explained more to me than anyone I have seen. His nurse was very kind and also talked to me about my concerns before the Dr. came in she was very helpful and kind. I appreciate all they did for me and all the time they took to help me with my any concerns I had. Thank you to them both.

Brandon F., 2013

I have had extremely good service from Dr. Osborn and Damon his Assistant. They provided very personal and high quality service. Corrective surgery was very successful and follow up were extremely fast and efficient.

Thanks for “clearing” up my vision!