5 Ways to Prevent Allergy Eyes

Posted by: Missouri Eye Institute in Blog on May 17, 2021

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That faint golden haze that coats every surface in the yard or the park is a sure sign that spring allergy season is coming right “atchoo.” Pollen can be brutal on the eyes, but you don’t have to let the pesky yellow dusting spoil your time outdoors.

After a year of masks, no one wants to crawl inside a plastic bubble to avoid seasonal allergies, just when the weather is starting to get good! So, while we still encourage you to stop and smell the roses, we also recommend that you try these five strategies to keep allergens from getting the upper hand this spring:

  1. Time your outdoor activities. Steer clear of the pollen trap by staying inside during peak pollen hours. The counts are highest between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m.—more so when the weather is warm and dry—so think about moving your morning run to noon to avoid the worst of it.
  2. Ditch the track suit. Whatever time of day you work out, limit your exposure to allergens by immediately changing into clean clothes when you’re back indoors.
  3. Switch up your allergy treatment. Since some oral meds reduce the production of tears, consider a switch to nasal sprays. They won’t dry out your eyes as much, giving you more lubrication to clear dust and pollen from the surface of your eyes.
  4. Wear shades. Full-spectrum sunglasses not only protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays but also put a barrier between pollens and your eyeballs. But sorry, contact wearers, the same doesn’t hold true for contact lenses. Contacts can actually trap allergens in your eye and worse the reaction. You may want to wear your eyeglasses for a while when tree pollen is at its peak, or consider LASIK vision correction!
  5. Plug it up. If you suffer from dry eye syndrome, allergy eyes can be especially miserable. Because your eyes don’t produce enough tears, or your tear dry too quickly, those tiny specks of awfulness tend to linger far longer. Talk to your eye doctor about punctal plugs. These teeny-tiny plugs help your eyes retain more tears, so they stay more lubricated.

If you find yourself struggling to keep clear eyes during the sneezy season, schedule an eye exam so your eye doctor can help you address irritation so you can enjoy the outdoors. There are a number of treatments that can relieve allergy symptoms and the dry eye that comes with them (including vision correction, which helps people avoid the contacts altogether!)

With a bit of forethought and prevention, you’ll sail through spring and summer and enjoy every stunning sight along the way.

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