Follow These 5 Tips for Healthier Eyes This Summer

Posted by: Missouri Eye Institute in Blog on July 19, 2022

As the middle of summer approaches, it’s a good time for a reminder on how to keep your eyes safe and healthy. Summer should be fun, but being exposed to the sun can affect your vision if you are not careful.

Keep reading to learn five tips for healthier eyes this summer!

1. Wear the Right Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an essential part of protecting your eyes and vision from the sun. They are not just for style.

Sunglasses block out harmful UV rays that can damage your vision. However, it is vital to be knowledgeable about which are best when purchasing sunglasses.

While most sunglasses are embedded with UV protection, you should check to be sure every time you buy a pair. They should have a sticker that clearly states that they offer one hundred percent protection against UVA and UVB or one hundred percent protection against UV four hundred. 

If the sunglasses do not have UV protection, they can leave you worse off. If the UV rays are not filtered out, all that extra light means even more damage to your eyes than usual.

2. Combine Those Sunglasses With a Hat

If you limit the amount of sunlight entering your eyes altogether, that’s even better. Wide-brimmed hats provide a constant source of shade for your eyes. 

This helps you see more comfortably in the sun. It also limits the amount of sunlight entering your eyes.

3. Hydration is Key

Most people do not drink enough water. This is a problem, especially during warmer weather. 

Your body needs water to work correctly, and your eyes are no exception. Tears nourish, hydrate, and lubricate your eyes and keep debris and germs away from the surface. 

The amount of water your body needs is different from anyone else. It can change based on exercise, overall health, and your environment. 

Talk to your doctor to find out how much water you should consume daily.  

4. Make Your Home an Oasis For Your Dry Eye

Thanks to modern technology, you can modify your home for your eyes. A decent humidifier will add moisture to the air, helping the tears stay longer on your eyes.

You can also invest in an air purifier. This appliance will passively remove allergens and debris that can cause problems for your eyes. 

This is especially helpful for days with high pollen counts during the summer. 

5. Use Eye Drops If You Get Summer Allergies 

Red, itchy eyes are not uncommon in the summer months. Allergies and dry eyes can leave you feeling miserable. 

If you are experiencing discomfort in your eyes, resist the urge to rub your eyes. Rubbing your eyes can cause damage and will not solve the problem. 

Lubricating eye drops are a great way to manage itchy eyes. They safely refresh the surface of our eyes and keep them lubricated. 

Are you interested in learning more ways that you can maintain healthy eyes? Schedule an appointment at Missouri Eye Institute in Springfield, MO, for more tips on protecting your vision!  


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