June Is Fireworks Eye Safety Month

June Is Fireworks Eye Safety Month

Do you love looking at fireworks on a warm summer night? Are you considering your eyes when you think about lighting fireworks?

June is Fireworks Eye Safety Month. Yes, there’s an entire month all about protecting your eyes from fireworks.

It is important to understand the importance of how to safely use fireworks and to be properly educated. Fireworks can cause burns, retinal detachment, corneal abrasions, and more. These injuries can cause permanent damage.

Each summer and 4th of July, Americans spend millions of dollars annually on fireworks. This causes more than 9,000 injuries a year, and may even lead to death!

Now that the 4th of July is less than a month away, the American Academy of Ophthalmology is reminding everyone that fireworks are not toys. They can cause serious injuries, including devastating eye injuries. Keep reading to learn how you can protect your eyes this June from fireworks!

What rules should I follow if I’m going to use fireworks?

When using fireworks, there are many safety precautions that you need to take. They include:

  • Standing at least 500 feet away from the fireworks when you are launching them.
  • Do not run around where fireworks are being set off.
  • Setting fireworks off in clear spaces is key. You need to set them off away from homes, trees, and anything else that could burn.
  • Have a bucket of water or a hose nearby.
  • Do not try to relight fireworks that do not work. Put them in water and then toss them out.
  • Do not light a firework in any sort of confined space or container.
  • When lighting a firework, do not stand with your body right over it.
  • Use fireworks sold in stores. Do not try to DIY fireworks.
  • After a firework has gone off, let it cool off. Soak it in water to make sure it’s out, and then throw it out.
  • Anytime you are lighting fireworks, make sure to use safety goggles to protect your eyes.

Are sparklers safe to use?

Many people think that sparklers are safer to use than fireworks. Sparklers seem harmless, especially when kids use them.

But this is not the case. Sparklers work because they burn at a high temperature of about 2,000 degrees.

Imagine if one spark got in someone’s eye. It would cause serious damage, including permanent damage to a child’s eye.

If you are going to use sparklers, make sure to supervise your children while using them. Tell your children the rules for using sparklers and that they cannot use them without parental supervision.

If you are going to use fireworks this 4th of July, make sure to do so safely. This includes paying attention to the people viewing your fireworks because they experience the majority of the injuries.

Tell people around when you are going to set off fireworks so they can be an appropriate distance away. Being too close to fireworks can result in painful injuries or burns from falling materials.

Are you ready to take care of your eyes this summer? Contact the ophthalmologists at Missouri Eye Institute in Springfield, MO to schedule an appointment!