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Laser Vision Correction for Cataract Patients

At the time your appointment was made with our office, it was specified that you were being seen for a cataract evaluation. Not that long ago, it used to be that cataract treatment was a “One surgery fits all” scenario. Today however, there are a number of treatment options and lenses, which significantly alter the outcome for patients today. When you come for your appointment in the near future, it will be very likely, that you’ll be making treatment decisions, based on what is important to you and your lifestyle. This short video below is your surgeon speaking to options that may be available to you and what will be discussed further at your upcoming appointment:

Cataract Treatment Decisions

Treating cataracts – a surgeon will removes the lens of the eye that has become very clouded and replaces it with a new intraocular lens (IOL) during cataract surgery. Depending upon how you feel about wearing reading glasses and bifocals, there are options available that may be right for you: