4 Reasons LASIK Isn’t as Scary as You Think

Posted by: Missouri Eye Institute in Blog on October 10, 2022

LASIK has been the gold standard for vision correction for about two decades now and has helped approximately 63 million eyes around the world see better. It’s been proven safe and effective for correcting myopia, astigmatism and other corneal refractive errors and freeing patients from glasses and contacts.

Unfortunately, despite so many safe and successful procedures, many people avoid LASIK surgery out of fear. Here we’ll answer some of the most common concerns potential candidates for LASIK discuss with us.

  1. LASIK is comfortable and quick.

Fear of pain is one of the most common concerns our patients express. There’s no need to worry: Your eyes will be numbed with anesthetic eye drops before the procedure begins, so you won’t feel much of anything – except perhaps some natural anxiety. For that, your doctor can provide you with a mild sedative to settle your nerves if you feel you need it.

LASIK surgery itself only takes about 15 minutes. Even with check-in, surgical preparation, post-surgical check-up and release factored in, most patients are in and out of the LASIK surgery center in just a couple hours. And usually, they’re seeing much better than before by the time they walk out the door.

  1. Don’t worry, you won’t blink during laser eye surgery.

It’s impossible to blink during LASIK, thanks to a specially designed speculum that securely holds the eyelid open. Modern LASIK lasers are also equipped with advanced eye-tracking systems that automatically adjust the surgical laser to compensate for involuntary eye movement during the procedure.

  1. You’ll be safer in some ways after LASIK.

While every surgery, no matter how minor, comes with risk, LASIK is one of the safest procedures available. Your Missouri Eye surgeon is equipped with the most advanced proven LASIK technology, and also follows best surgical practices to reduce already minimal risk of complications.

On the flip side, here’s a spooky contact lens stat for you – The CDC reports that complications from contact lenses result in nearly 1 million doctor’s visits and trips to the ER each year.

For this reason, combined with the fact that LASIK has been researched in more than 7,000 peer-reviewed published studies and deemed safe and effective, many surgeons believe LASIK is a safer long-term choice compared to years or decades of contact lens wear.

  1. Missouri Eye Institute is home to a highly experienced LASIK surgery team.

Missouri Eye Institute strives to be the best eye care provider in Missouri. Our doctors, surgeons and staff continually seek out new technologies and procedures that will provide the greatest benefit to our patients. In fact, Missouri Eye Institute was the first practice in the state of Missouri to offer bladeless laser vision correction (Intralase LASIK). 

Through our offices in Springfield, Joplin and Branson, we also coordinate care with optometrists in Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma, so patients can receive a continuum of care with eye care specialists close to home.

It all adds up to a positive LASIK vision correction experience – not so scary after all.

Missouri Eye Institute has helped thousands of patients attain freedom from glasses and contact lenses. Contact us at (800) 383-3831 to schedule a LASIK consultation or visit MissouriEye.com to learn more about our services


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