4 Things That Make Fall a Good Time for LASIK

Posted by: Missouri Eye Institute in Blog on October 10, 2022

Any time you have a day or so to yourself to relax and recuperate is the best time to get LASIK. But for the most physically comfortable experience with LASIK in Missouri, consider the temperate autumn months, September through November.

Here are four things to consider if you’re thinking about getting LASIK this fall:

  1. Spring allergies are behind you.

Temperature-wise, springtime in Missouri is an ideal time for surgery. However, the prevalence of pollen and other seasonal allergens in the Midwest could make for an uncomfortable recovery from LASIK eye surgery for allergy sufferers. 

While eyes are generally quite quick to heal, the itching, sneezing and swelling associated with hay fever can slow down that process. Not only is there a powerful temptation to rub your eyes, but sneezing too hard can put extra pressure on your healing eyes. If spring is a season of sneezin’ for you, it’s best to get laser vision correction at a different time of year.

  1. There’s less bright summer sunlight to sting sensitive eyes.

After LASIK eye surgery, a patient’s eyes may already be sensitive; the glaring light of the sun can add to that discomfort. It may take a little while for your eyes to get accustomed to abundant light and bright colors after LASIK. Take it easy on your healing vision during this time by getting LASIK in the fall months.

  1. Freezing temperatures won’t aggravate dry eye syndrome.

The ice-cold weather and dry air of winter can be an uncomfortable combination for many people. This is especially true for individuals who already suffer dry eye syndrome, as frigid weather can worsen the condition. For this reason, it may be better for some patients to have LASIK done when the air is not so brisk.

  1. Recovery is complete by Thanksgiving and Christmastime.

Recovery from LASIK happens quickly. If you opt for LASIK in the autumn months, you’ll be fully healed in plenty of time to take in all the beautiful lights, family gatherings, glitter and twinkle of the holidays. It’s just about the best Christmas gift you can give yourself!

BONUS: Use your Health Savings Plan or Flex Spending Account for additional tax-free savings! If you have funds in an FSA or HSA, LASIK is a great way to utilize them and enjoy additional tax-free savings. Don’t let these funds expire or go to waste! Apply them toward modern vision correction and enjoy an early holiday gift this year.

You don’t have to wait for ideal weather to discuss permanent vision correction with an eye care specialist. Contact Missouri Eye to schedule a LASIK consultation to see if you’re a candidate for laser eye surgery. You and your LASIK surgeon can work together on a timeline that allows for the best post-surgical recovery.

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