5 Reasons Our Patients Love Their LASIK

Posted by: Missouri Eye Institute in Blog on February 6, 2023

If you’re not smitten with the idea of being in glasses or contacts till death do you part, it’s time to open your heart to LASIK. There are many reasons to love LASIK but here the top five, according to feedback we’ve received from thousands of happy LASIK patients over the years:

1. LASIK can mend your broken eyesight.

In order to see clearly, the light passing through your cornea must focus directly on the retina. Sometimes, however, the shape of the eyeball or cornea is less than ideal, which alters where the light focuses. The result is blurry vision.

The advanced LASIK we perform at Missouri Eye Institute can correct a variety of these “refractive errors” by reshaping the cornea to focus light exactly where it needs to be:

LASIK patients often report that they can see better immediately after surgery, even before the eyes are fully healed. Most people achieve 20/20 vision or better after LASIK.

2. It’s over in a heartbeat.

If the thought of laser eye surgery makes your heart race, this should help you relax: The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes for both eyes, and less than a minute per eye of that is laser time. So quick!

3. You’ve heard “Love Hurts,” but LASIK… that’s a different story.

Patients often describe LASIK as being virtually painless, feeling more like a very slight pressure than anything else. Special numbing drops keep you from feeling anything, and the healing period is quick and comfortable. For patients experiencing anxiety about the procedure, the eye surgeon can even prescribe a light sedative.

If you’ve ever experienced an infection from contacts, grit under your lens or contact lens intolerance, you’ll appreciate saying farewell to those daily risks.

4. LASIK is kind to your wallet.

The upfront price of LASIK can be intimidating for some but consider this. If you spend $500 per year on glasses and/or contact lenses for the next 30 years, you’ll spend $15,000+ and still have blurry natural vision. And that’s only if your price stays the same for decades. 

By contrast, you may spend $5,000 or so on LASIK, will have instant vision improvement and your investment goes away once the surgical fee is paid. Many patients say the procedure pays for itself in just a few years!

5. You’ll adore your sharper vision!

LASIK is life changing. Our patients frequently experience the best vision they’ve ever had after laser vision correction and find themselves enjoying the things they love to a much greater extent than before.

Ready to fall in love with your vision? Take our 60-second LASIK Self-Test to see if you’re a candidate for LASIK. 

Missouri Eye Institute has helped thousands of patients attain freedom from glasses and contact lenses. Contact us at (800) 383-3831 to schedule a thorough eye exam or visit MissouriEye.com to learn more about our services.


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