LASIK in Winter: Why It’s Time to Take the Leap

Posted by: Missouri Eye Institute in Blog on January 24, 2022

While spring and summer are the times of year that naturally cajole us out of winter hibernation, the chilly months have distinct advantages. This is especially true if you’re considering LASIK vision correction.

Yes, occasional piles of snow and bracing winds make most of us want to duck back under the covers. But the prospect of better eyesight with LASIK is reason enough to leap out of bed and get going. Here are few reasons why you may not want to wait till springtime.

Flexible spending funds are burning a hole in your pocket.

Do you have a Flexible Spending Account or Health Spending Account through your employer? LASIK surgery is an eligible expense, meaning you can pay down or pay off your surgical fee with your flex card.

It’s common to get into the winter months with an outstanding balance on these accounts that needs to be spent before the money disappears. Most of the time the deadline will be the end of the calendar year, but sometimes consumers get a grace period that allows them to access these funds into the next calendar year. Check with your account manager to determine the status of these funds.

By the way, the current maximum allowable pretax contribution is $2,750. Max out your untaxed contribution and plan for LASIK this year.

Chilling out helps you heal.

Summer in the Midwest can be brutal: searing high temperatures, steamy humidity, the irritation of dust, grasses and pollen … Those conditions can be hard on your eyes. By contrast, the cool air and low humidity of wintertime tend to be more comfortable conditions in which to heal during the quick recovery period from laser eye surgery—or any procedure. 

Outdoor sports are in low gear.

Odds are you’re not spending a lot of time at the lake, the pool and outdoor courts in the dead of winter. People are naturally less active in winter, so it’s a great time to kick back and have LASIK without missing out on any of your favorite outdoor activities. 

The added advantage is that by the time you are ready to re-engage in warm-weather activities, your eyes can be ready to go. Patients tell us with their eyesight sharper than ever, they’re at the top of your game once Spring and Summer activities roll around!

Your first step? Tap the link to request an appointment, or complete our self-test to learn more about your options for vision correction this winter!

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