Life After COVID-19: Safety Rules That Are Here to Stay

Posted by: Missouri Eye Institute in Blog on July 19, 2021

Washing hands in sink

The COVID-19 global pandemic served as a wakeup call for many of us in terms of disease prevention. We learned much about how infections spread and mutate, and steps we can take to protect ourselves and loved ones from contagious diseases.

It’s hard-won wisdom, but the knowledge we’ve gathered since the new coronavirus first made headlines will help keep us all safer in the future—if we keep putting those lessons learned into practice.

Long after COVID-19 is a distant and fuzzy memory, we’ll most certainly look after our health a bit differently from now on. Here are our top three pandemic safety rules to hold on to:

  1. Wash hands often. This was, is and always will be your best line of defense against disease and infection. Wash hands with lots of soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after: using the bathroom, preparing food, shopping, caring for people or pets and coming in contact with visibly dirty surfaces. 

BONUS TIP: If you haven’t already, break the habit of touching your face. Any germs and viruses you pick up from contaminated surfaces could end up in contact with the mucous membranes of your eyes, nose and mouth. It’s about the most effective way to get sick that we can think of!

  1. Wear a mask in certain situations. Odds are, mask requirements won’t go away any time soon in hospitals and clinical settings, if ever. Where none are required, use good judgement: If you have a cold or flu, wear your mask out of courtesy to others. Or, if you’re on any medications known to suppress the immune system, protect yourself with a mask in crowds or close public spaces. 
  1. Stay home if you’re sick. Your co-workers may admire your work ethic, but they’ll resent you if the bug you bring with you into the break room makes the rounds. There’s nothing heroic or productive about slogging to the office with a contagion that takes a half-dozen of your colleagues out of commission. Return to work only after your fever breaks or you feel healthier, or you get the all-clear from your doctor.

BONUS TIP: Take advantage of home delivery services for meals and other supplies; ask for no-contact delivery. If you must go out when you’re under the weather, maintain at least 6 feet of social distancing to reduce the risk of getting others sick. They’ll secretly—or openly—thank you.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, many people have to come to us seeking vision correction so they can avoid the foggy lenses that come along with glasses and masks, or the constant touching and repositioning of contact lenses (which creates a great opportunity for infection). 

Whatever drives your desire for crisp, clear vision – to stay safe from germs, to wear masks without fog, or simply to enjoy everyday interactions with the ones you love – we want to make it a reality for you. Request your vision correction consultation now.

Missouri Eye Institute has helped thousands of patients attain freedom from glasses and contact lenses. Contact us at (800) 383-3831 to schedule a consultation or visit to learn more about our services.



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