Make Holidays Bright with These Eye Safety Tips

Posted by: Missouri Eye Institute in Blog on December 13, 2021

toddler celebrating christmas

The toys, the food, the ornaments, the togetherness … there’s so much about the holidays to love. 

Make sure you keep your festive family gatherings memorable for all the best reasons this season by following a few simple safety tips. Because eyes are kind of our thing, we’ve focused on advice that will keep your peepers – and those of your loved ones – in peak condition well into the new year.

  1. Exercise cautious cooking. Turkey deep fryers hit a peak in popularity a few years back, and many revelers still enjoy the crispy exterior and moist interior this cooking method provides. But beware that popping oil! Whether you’re dunking a whole bird or just searing in a skillet, splashes of hot frying liquid can be disastrous to your eyes. It may feel silly, but wear heat-resistant gloves and safety glasses for these tasks. If you cook before the guests arrive, no one will ever know.
  1. Choose age-appropriate children’s gifts. Just because it’s on their list doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Consider a child’s age and behavior when choosing their toys. If your 5-year-old has requested a chemistry set or, say, a BB gun (“You’ll put an eye out!”), he or she may be too young, irresponsible and uncoordinated to handle those toys safely. Use the age recommendations on the packaging as your guideline for gift selection.
  1. Monitor playtime. Even if you’ve carefully selected age-appropriate gifts, children sure can get crafty in discovering new ways to get hurt. In particular, keep a watchful eye on children aged 6 and younger, especially if those toys have moveable or removable parts, hard plastic or projectiles.
  1. Promptly discard the wrapping and packaging. Get as much wrapping paper, plastic and cardboard off the floor and out of the family space as soon as the gifts are unwrapped. This festive debris can slide underfoot or create tripping hazards for every member of the family – and falls are the most common cause of injury in the United States.
  1. Minimize screen time. Too much screen time can worsen dry eyes or cause eye strain. To keep the family’s eyes safe, limit the amount of time loved ones spend in front of the TV, computer, smart phone, gaming system and other electronic devices. The bonus is that you’ll all be able to enjoy more togetherness – and that’s what the holidays are all about!

The most important eye safety precaution of all is to simply get them checked annually. A yearly eye examination will help you and your eye doctor monitor and address any changes to your eyes that could affect your vision.

From all of us at Missouri Eye Institute, have a wonderful holiday season!

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