Squinting at the Gridiron? See the Action Clearly

Posted by: Missouri Eye Institute in Blog on August 23, 2021

American football blurry image

Most of us aren’t professional football players, but odds are you either enjoy the sport as a spectator or as an amateur player in your spare time. Well, there’s not one thing you can do on the field or in the stands that you can’t do better with improved vision (at least we haven’t found anything!)

We’re fast approaching football season, so don’t miss a moment of your favorite team’s magic … and definitely don’t be the one fumbling your team’s big moment! Book your LASIK consultation this fall to make sure your eyesight is in tip-top shape. 

If your vision isn’t Hall-of-Fame worthy, consider whether LASIK surgery could be the answer for you. There are advantages you could reap with vastly improved eyesight.

On the Field

Whether you play sports professionally or in the backyard with the kids, the on-field benefits of vision correction will help you stay on your A-game (and keep you safe).

Sharper vision = snappier passes. A fraction of a second lag time in locating your wide receiver could make the difference between a touchdown and a fumble.

There are some things you want to catch. Are you nearsighted? That might be OK once the pigskin is within arm’s reach, but it’s a disaster if you can’t see the ball when it leaves the quarterback’s hands. With LASIK, your eyes can focus on the prize.

Your eyes are not just sharper, but safer too. Football is a full-contact (no pun intended) sport, especially for those who wear contacts. A hard hit or a stray hand in your face shield can compromise eyeglasses and contact lenses. And an eye injury is a game-ending—possibly career-ending—injury you don’t want to have to deal with. For those who gain lens-free vision after LASIK, such injuries from glasses or contacts are no longer a risk.

In the Bleachers

Fog off for good. You know the equation: 0 eyeglasses = 0 foggy eyeglasses. Permanent vision correction with the LASIK procedure means you don’t have to deal with foggy glasses when you mask up, go in and out of the AC on a humid day or into the cold in the dead of winter.

See both goal posts—at the same time! Once you have LASIK, you can plan on seeing the action far afield and close up without having to choose the appropriate prescription eyewear. And here’s a nice bonus: You can check other game scores in the league on your smartphone with similar ease. The only eyewear decision you need to make is which UV-blocking shades best match your team jersey.

Missouri Eye Institute has helped thousands of patients attain freedom from glasses and contact lenses. Contact us at (800) 383-3831 to schedule a thorough eye exam or visit MissouriEye.com to learn more about our services.


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