Why LASIK Saves You Time and Money

Posted by: Missouri Eye Institute in Blog on August 12, 2022

Many people decide not to get LASIK because they think the cost is too high and the recovery is too long. However, LASIK recovery is relatively short, and LASIK can even save you money.

Keep reading to learn how LASIK can save you time and money!

Does Recovery from LASIK Take a Long Time?

You may hear or read that it takes months to recover from LASIK. While full recovery can take that long, you will be able to return to most of your everyday activities within days to weeks of the procedure.

Full recovery from LASIK can take up to six months. As long as you follow the recovery instructions and your eyes are healing well, you won’t have to stay out of work or abstain from your usual activities for very long.

You will need to take it easy and relax for the first few days of LASIK recovery. Too much activity will increase your risk of complications.

Once your eye has begun the healing process, you will be able to do just about everything you are used to. Thanks to the advanced technology utilized during the LASIK procedure, recovery time is relatively simple and quick.

Isn’t LASIK an Expensive Luxury?

The upfront cost of LASIK can be alarming to some people. However, over the long term, LASIK is actually an excellent financial move.

Think about all of the costs of glasses and contacts. Replacements, repairs, and maintenance may not be thousands of dollars at once, but they add up.

Since LASIK is a permanent fix, you don’t have a constant drain on your bank account. That means your surgery could pay for itself in just a few years!

If the cost of LASIK all at once is too much for your budget, check out the financing options at Missouri Eye Institute in Branson, MO. You can break down the overall cost of LASIK into something that makes sense for your financial situation! 

The LASIK Quality of Life

Beyond money, LASIK can save you a significant amount of time in the long run. It’s not about one or more large chunks of time, but instead, seconds that add up. 

Think about the minutes it takes you to put in your contacts every morning. Then think about the minutes you spend taking them out and cleaning them. 

If you wear glasses, think about how you spend a few seconds every morning fumbling around trying to find them. Then consider the time spent doing activities with glasses and contacts. 

If you work out often, glasses can slide down your nose or fog up. If you play sports, contacts can fall out and become lost. 

If they do, you must spend even more time sterilizing them. That’s if you even remembered to bring your contact solution to the game. 

Even if your contacts stay in, they may cause irritation, taking you out of the zone. 

Most people that choose LASIK achieve vision freedom. That freedom brings peace of mind and convenience.

Do you want to learn if you may be a candidate for LASIK? Book a consultation at Missouri Eye Institute in Springfield, MO, today to learn more!


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