Cataract Surgery

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Cataract Surgery in Springfield

Basic cataract surgery at Missouri Eye Institute utilizes single-focus, or monofocal, intraocular lens implants (IOLs). Monofocal IOLs allow the eyes to focus at one focal point. Basic cataract surgery is typically covered by Medicare and most insurance policies with the main goal being simply to remove the cloudy cataract. Basic cataract surgery utilizes a monofocal IOL to correct all or most of your nearsightedness or farsightness (if you have astigmatism, you may require some distance eyeglasses to see your best), but reading glasses, bifocals, or trifocals will be required after surgery in order to see well for near and mid-range distances. Glasses can usually be prescribed by your local optometrist about one month after your final cataract surgery.

Refractive Cataract Surgery

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Refractive cataract surgery includes removal of the cataract with the additional goal of reducing your dependency on glasses after surgery. In some cases you can be free of the use of any glasses or contacts following cataract surgery. This is accomplished by the additional use of various advanced technologies such as customized ocular imaging, laser assisted cataract surgery, as well as the use of advanced technology intraocular lenses (IOL) such as toric, multifocal, or extended depth of focus intraocular lenses. The objective of refractive cataract surgery is to match your vision goals to your lifestyle needs.

Intraocular lens implants used in refractive cataract surgery include toric, Panoptix®, Vivity®, Symfony®, Synergy®, Eyhance®, and Crystalens®, with countless others in development. The doctors at Missouri Eye Institute are extremely well versed in the advantages of each lens and will discuss in detail at your consultation which implant will be tailored best to you and your vision.

Insurance typically covers part of the costs of refractive cataract surgery, but not all. Missouri Eye Institute offers CareCredit as an option for payment. The CareCredit card allows you to pursue treatment immediately and pay over time with low monthly payments that work within your budget. Our surgical counselors can provide more information to you about financing options at the time of your appointment.

Femto Laser-Assisted Refractive Cataract Surgery

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Missouri Eye Institute in Springfield utilizes a femtosecond laser on premises to provide laser-assisted cataract surgery for all types of cataract surgery.

This laser platform allows the surgeon to create 3-D imaging of your eye, which provides more accurate information and treatment choices during your cataract removal. The laser’s advanced technology allows the surgeon to use precisely-placed laser pulses to effectively soften the cataract for removal, perform delicate steps of the cataract procedure and very accurately treat mild astigmatism by using laser relaxing corneal incisions.  This can be used with all types of lens implants including monofocal, multifocal, or toric/astigmatism lenses.

Lens Options

Missouri Eye Institute performs cataract surgery at surgical centers in Springfield, Branson, and Joplin, and provides cataract surgeries at hospitals in Springfield, Bolivar, Monett, and Houston to make your care as convenient as possible. We can also coordinate your care after cataract surgery with your local optometrist in order to make the post-operative care convenient for you.

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