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Sometimes after we have evaluated your eyes for LASIK, we find for various reasons that your vision would be better corrected by other procedures. Reasons may include corneas that are too thin, or refractive errors (prescriptions) that are outside the range of what LASIK can correct. For some individuals, lifestyle or vision goals could mean that a LASIK alternative procedure would be better suited to correct your vision. Fortunately, our doctors provide many other options to achieve the best visual outcome. Our clinic performs many modern variations of LASIK alternative procedures.

The various laser and laser-alternative procedures are outlined below:

Full nameLaser-assisted In-Situ KeratomileusisPhotorefractive KeratectomyRefractive Lens ExchangeImplantable Collamer Lens
Immediate ResultsYesNoNoYes
Outpatient Procedure?YesYesYesYes
15-20 min Procedure?YesYesYesYes
Initial Recovery Time?Quick3-5 days1-3 daysQuick
Reasons against procedure-Thin Cornea-Large Pupil-Dry Eye-Thin Cornea-Dry Eye
Treats myopia? (nearsightedness)Mild to moderateMild to moderateMild to severeModerate to Severe
Treats hyperopia? (farsightedness)Mild to moderateMild to moderateModerate to severeNo
Treats Astigmatism?Mild to moderateMild to moderateMild to moderateYes, with LVC
Option if have keratoconus?NoNoYesYes
Additional InfoMay provide UV protectionProvides UV Protection


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