standard-title Am I a Good Candidate?

Am I a Good Candidate?

Are you a Good Candidate for Implantable Lenses for the Treatment of Cataracts?

Board-certified ophthalmologists of the leading eye surgery clinics in Springfield, Branson and Joplin are eager to meet with you to determine if you are a good candidate for implantable lenses used during cataract surgery. During consultation, a Missouri Eye Institute surgeon will thoroughly explain the appropriateness of using a premium lens implant and make you aware of risks, benefits and realistic expectations for your improved eyesight.

If you are diagnosed with cataracts and are experiencing one or more of the following symptoms, you may be a candidate for the use of premium lens implants:

  • Over age of 40
  • Dependency on glasses and/or contacts to see near, far and in-between
  • Difficulty seeing to drive, especially at night
  • Frequently changing glasses prescriptions
  • Needing bifocals
  • Astigmatism

Every patient’s health status is unique, therefore we can not determine if you are a good candidate for cataract surgery using premium intraocular lens implants without a thorough medical background discussion and eye examination.